Saturday, December 31, 2011

happy New Year I can't wait for 2012

Happy New Year! I hope everyone is safe and has a happy new year
I am really looking forward to 2012.
in 2 Hours 45 minutes
thankyou to all my wonderful blogger friend who have followed me over the last couple of years 2012 is going to be a great year.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Busy with The shop

these tags are new to the shop this week, all the letters of the alphabet so you can make what ever words you would like with them, and they are selling fast.

I have been super busy witht he new shop, and I have been really bad at blogging the last couple of weeks. so i thought I would share some photos of the shop and keep you up to date with what is going on.

here is my little christmas display the ornaments have been a great buy and have sold really well.

these beautiful ornaments tiny eiffel towers with a glass bead! they are just perfect for the chrismtas tree

also new to the shop is the number tags (Sums)

paris tags which are also at the shop as a set of 6

you can also find my vintage bottles at the shop

the above photo shows the beautiful counter my husband made from all recycled timber it's just perfect he did an amazing job. and it's a real feature in the shop. the shop has been fantastic and I am so happy with the way it has all come together

Over the christmas holiday break I am going to try and get some of my tags uploaded to the website so if you would like to see more photos of my tags just let me know, I have new tags at the shop today I just forgot to take photos of them all.
have a beautiful evening Lisa

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New things happening

This is the front door to Inn Country
and lilly cottage.

outside lilly cottage where you will find me.

inside the shop before I started puting stock in

here is a sneak peek at the shop I still have a lot to do.

This is my 200th post wow! that has gone quickly.
I am about to open a new little shop well really it is a room at old petrie town with the lovely linda at lilly cottage, I have my own room and it is so sweet and little and just perfect for me and my daughter as she is doing this with me. back in 2007 I opened my first Shop Inn Country. But sadly due to illness it closed in 2009, I am so pleased to have a shop again! I have wanted this for a long time. thanks to the lovely linda for letting me have the back room at lilly cottage because without her I would not have been able to do this.
So if you love my doll or bears or love anything french pop in to visit me, I will be at the shop on
 fridays for the twilight markets from 5.00pm to 9.00pm
and sundays from 8.00am till 2.00pm
this friday will be my first day.
I still have a lot of work to do, but I wanted to share the news with you all. I am going to have a giveaway for my 200th post I just have to work out what.
Have a beautiful day Lisa

Saturday, November 05, 2011

the love of old

today was collectorama and look at what I found! it is just beautiful I can't beleive I found one, I have wanted one for years. I got lots of other things to but I had to post this one tonight.
 what a beautiful typewriter, I am off to have an early night it was a big day and a very early morning a 5.00am start.

Have a beautiful evening Lisa

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Busy Day

this bag I have made for me, I have a feeling a couple will go missing! As my daughter loved them so much she didn't think I had made them.
I still have to stitch the roses on.

the above tote is great for your magizines! I made it to fit

I have had a really busy day today, dying viscose and making a bag.  I was so inspired by miss rose sister violet when I went to the craft show. I have been busy making and sewing and dying fabric and viscose and making a couple of cushions.

have a beautiful Tuesday Lisa

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Miss Rose Sister Violet - I'm Inspired

thank you Miss Rose Sister Violet!

Well today I went to the craft show here in brisbane.  the same time last year you would have found me there selling. but this year I just over committed myself to to many shows and something had to give. It's a lot of hard work.
  So when I went today I headed straight for Miss rose sister violet, they have the most beautiful laces and flowers.  Last year I stocked up and was about to run out.  they hand dye all there laces and flowers and I got to sit in on a class today, I walked away so inspired to create and do beautiful things, So I hope it will come out in the next lot of bears I do for the last show this year!

Have a beautiful day Lisa

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just listed on etsy

This Ellie has just been listed on etsy, pop over if you would like to see more information on her.

have a beautiful day Lisa

Friday, October 14, 2011

Vintage finds

I bought this at an antique store! for a bargin price
it is in really good condition and really large

the inside looks like it has never been used.  I really love the colour of this hat box
this cute little bag which did have bowls in it but I only wanted the bag.
so I left them behind

Vintage sewing machine case
it is going to make a beautiful display! as you can see from this photo
this beautiful old book for a bargin price of $2.50 it is the home physician! I don't know how old it is but it looks old

side view of the book it has beautiful detail.

when I got home this was on the door step! Just gorgeous.
Well today I had a really bad morning, so i thought I would take myself shopping and I also went to visit a friend.  Here are my vintage finds I had such a better day than my morning. So even through my day started badly it has been a good one for bargins and vintage finds. Had a lovely day with a special friend!

Have a beautiful weekend Lisa

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just listed of Etsy

Just a quick one today, I have just listed "Frenchie" my pink Pug Dog on etsy, pop over if you would like to see more detail.

have a beautiful Evening Lisa

Monday, October 10, 2011

getting organised

I have spent the last couple of weeks working on my studio, and 3rd time I think i have it done, still a small amount to do, I have also found so many things I thought I had lost.  So it pays to clean. I have many plans this week to get things completed. I have also done some more studio photos and this time nothing will more and my son and husband are thankful for that they are sick of moving furniture in and out of the house! I feel this is going to be a large post today.
 I hope you don't mind. I had such a bad week with headaches and a migraine! I hope this week will be a lot better and I hope I will get some more work done.

One of my dress forms which is holding some baskets and a baby dress
this is the sewing table on the left, I have some old wares and flowers
here is a small amount of my lace! I love the way it is displayed this is also the right hand side of my sewing desk

I love the way these shoes look lined up together I have many more pair's, but I use these often for photos

right hand corner of my desk

last wednesday I did another felting class to do the feet on my very large pink bear. I just have the right hand foot to finish. click on the photo to see the detail.

here you can see the feet they will look fantastic when she is finished the left has been done I still have to shade the botton of the foot and the right hand side I will try to needle felt this week. wow my list just keeps getting longer and longer of things to do.

here is my something lost last time I seen this little rocking horse was about 2 years ago I thought I must have thrown it out.

this hobby horse just needs to be finished I will add that to my long list

this little elephant is laying around waiting for his ears to be put on
i love this little bed he is resting on
heres another elephant that I am hoping to complete sometime this week

This is my beautiful french cabinet that I have had stored in the shed so I am so happy to have it in the house
this cabinet I used to have at my shop and when I closed the shop I could not part with it.
this is my find of the week. Last week when i was at bear class when we had a lunch break we went to the second hand spot and this is what I found. What  a find! I think it was just waiting for me.

have a beautiful Monday Lisa
I am off to finish the house work! before I can play

Sunday, October 09, 2011

More listings for etsy

it this photo you can see how large the dolls are to my normal size

Grab yourself a bargin I have just listed two more annie these ones are large to my normal size.  I made them last year from a raggedy old annies patter. they are also $25.00

have a beautiful day Lisa