Friday, October 07, 2016

New in the Studio

So back in June I decided to buy my first Blythe doll, after many months of research I decided to take the plunge and buy one, I was going to have her customized and then decided i would give it a go myself. I had such a wonderful time changing her and for my first attempt I am really happy

So i got to working on making her some new clothes, then decided i would start selling them. They are so cute and tiny. what fun i am having, now i just need to make some tiny friends to go with her.

You can find most of the dresses and bloomers in my etsy store, I have sold about 4 dresses already.

This vintage lace dress was one of my latest creations and has been sold and on it way to the US.

This gorgeous vintage lace hat I made to go on a Blythe doll and and currently working on a matching dress. 
here is the hat being modeled by my pink girl. She is still without a name.

A little matching set a summer dress and bloomers. currently in my etsy store.

I love the back of this dress i have used small eyelets and seam binding ribbon to lace it up like a corset 

3 tiny little dresses.

The dress on the mannequin was my very first go at making a dress.

sitting waiting to model new dresses for my etsy store.

I love this setting. 

lots of tiny dresses just hanging around.

I love the vintage style rose fabric on this tiny dress

another set pretty pink summer dress and matching bloomers.

such a sweet photo.

tiny Blythe doll socks and shoes.

Love this setting titled. "It's a vintage sewing day"