Tuesday, July 24, 2018

What new in my Blythe clothing collection

 Playing a sleeping panda bear.
 my girls playing with there panda bear.
 sweet middie blythe in her panda bear Helmet
 pink sleeping panda girl
panda friends.

Monday, May 22, 2017

New collection of tattered overalls for blythe

Pretty in Pink tattered overalls including pink hat sitting with a vintage style pink teddy bear.
Some of my new collection of tattered overalls. I am totally in love with making blythe clothing

French set tattered overalls socks cape and hat. (Shoes not included) - Sold
Pretty Lace floral tattered overalls - Sold
Pretty in Pink Tattered overalls - Sold
In the Garden tattered overalls - Sold

Lace hat and dress both in my etsy store now.

floral tattered overalls and floral hat - both sold

sweet vintage style tattered overalls with patches and lace trim - sold

I love this sweet photo of my Blythe girl sitting in front of the Eiffel tower taken on a recent trip to Paris.

China girl Tattered overalls - both

another pair of china girl tattered overalls. - sold

J is for Jump tattered overalls - sold

Picnic in Paris with my bouton French for button panda bear and my Blythe girl. 

I loved creating little sweet outfit for a blythe doll. 

Kimmi doll tattered overalls - they are in my etsy store now.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

tattered lace and fabric overalls for Blythe

a new design, my tattered overalls it took about 4 goes to get the pattern just the way I wanted it. This is the 4th pair above, I was almost happy with the way they turned out. Just a couple of small changes.

back of the tattered overalls.

5th pairs of tattered overalls made and totally happy, they where the first to be listed in my etsy store. they have sold.
I love the design and the patches on the knee along with a snippet of french lace and a vintage button.

This pair I love the Parisian look of them, they are in my etsy store now.

gorgeous floral tattered overalls these have also been sold. I love the fabric print and colour

Monday, February 27, 2017

New Blythe Doll dresses

lots of new little Blythe doll dresses, I still have a couple in my etsy store. I am currently working on some vintage lace designs. Above is a photo of my new Blythe doll, she joined the other last week.




Sunday, February 19, 2017

A friend for Emerson

The start of my steampunk guy Emerson

he's looking more like a bear here in this photo.

Emerson is finished and waiting on his friend to be made

This is Ernest, A friend for Emerson

I have just spent the last couple of weeks making some boy bears, a steampunk guy called Emerson and his best mate called Ernest. It's been a while since I made a couple of boys, I love making these two guys. They where a custom order.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Some new tiny dresses for 2017

Gorgeous vintage style rose pink dress and hair bow. 
3 tiny dresses on handmade dress forms, I have a couple of dress forms in my etsy store now.

a sweet lemon dress with pretty pink flowers and hair bow in my etsy store now.

handmade hair bow using some vintage french lace and doily trim vintage a vintage mother of pearl button.
Vintage style head band for blythe. I have used vintage doily trim button and a vintage millinery flower
green hair bow. This one has sold I do have a couple more in my etsy store
handmade rustic style blythe doll quilt in my etsy store now.
I love this photo of the vintage style quilt.
My blythe girl displaying the quilt on a tiny brass bed.