Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Starting to make more dolls

Another Sample of my dolls,
This is one I did about 12 months ago that sold on ebay.

Good morning,

I have been so very busy organising my new blog for Olive Grove Primitives organising my little sewing room, it is such a mess still but I should be able to start some dolls that was my goal.

I have missed making them so much - I got so busy with my shop I seemed to loose myself in the shop and it seemed to take on a life off itself and I seemed to have lost the whole reason for opening it in the first place handmade goods sewing and my cloth dolls. So now that the shop has closed down I seem to be on the right tack! I am going to work from home I also have a website to look after and 2 other blogs, one is my shop blog and the other one is to document the changing of our little cottage that we have been renovating for the last 5 years, it's slow going but wow it is looking good. My Wonderful husband is the only one to do the work most of the time as I have a slipped disc in my back I can't do a lot. Well I always supervise!

So I have done a couple of posts to list what dolls I have left hear at home, so I thought I should do a post, I am siting here trying to work out how I can get my name out there so people know I am around so if you have any Ideas for me, I would love some Ideas. One idea was to make a new doll and have a give away and get out there that way! I will keep thinking.

Have a beautiful day. Lisa

Friday, March 27, 2009

Prim Vintage Style Cloth Shoe Pin Cushion

Primitive style baby shoe pin cushion $21.00 plus postage.
Made from calico that has been hand died with vanilla and parisian. Very rustic, the shoe has been laced up with chocolate brown thread with rusty bells. I have used vintage lace around the top of the shoe finished with a hand made tag vintage key and rusty pin.
The shoe is also weighted with glass beads so it sits without falling.
measurements are 14cm long 10cm high

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Primitive Twins Christmas Girls

To adopt the twin girls they are $35.00 plus traveling fare.
Twin cloth dolls, they are dressed in christmas dresses.
they both stand at 35cm tall.
they are a threadbare primitive pattern.
I am sure you will be more than happy with your purchase
Please send me an email if you would like to purchase them.

Prim fixin's

Prim fixin's for sale $5.00 AUS a bag plus postage
I handmake all my prim fixin's myself.
they will come to you wrapped in a cello bag with fabric
Contents of fixin's
Small Cinnamon sticks
hawthorne berries
Polka Pods
juniper berrys
Wild Rosehip
Tinny pumpkin wax melts
1 large gingerbread man wax melt.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Prim Cloth Twin Cloth Dolls

Thank you they have been Sold
Twin Cloth Doll

Well these two cloth dolls have just been finished today. They are small cloths dolls and stand at 38cm tall. They are dressed in spots pink & green
the top of there dress's are black the bloomers match with there dress's
I have used a threadbare primitive pattern.

Hello and welcome to My New Blog

For Sale $22.50 for set of two.

Hello and welcome to my new blog, this is something I have been wanting to do for a long time, I have been making cloth dolls for about 8 years and have mostly sold them on ebay, recently I closed down my shop and have now got more time to work on my dolls so this blog will be all about making my cloth dolls and I will also be selling them on this blog. I show you as many photo's of my previous dolls and I do custom orders. I really love making primitive dolls so I hope you enjoy my blog.
Just drop me an email if you would like the primitive shoes.

Have a beautiful day. Lisa