Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More Studio Photos

to the right is my pug dog I made for the last bear show, but she is still with me just waiting to be adopted
this beautiful crown my gorgeous daughter gave me for christmas last year
and a little black porcelain doll.

two of my beautiful whendis bears! I wish I could buy them all!
I love all things french
this table is big enough to have a computer area a work station and to the right my sewing table where I will do all that sewing.
this photo is my work station where I will make all my bears and raggedys

Still busy in the studio working on it, I am really happy with the way it is coming together. I still have a lot to do and some more cleaning out! you find lots of things when you re organise!
have a beautiful day Lisa

Monday, September 26, 2011

For Sale

for sale right now on etsy you can find her, she just waiting for someone to adopt her!

Ipswich Doll and Teddy bear Show

Here are a couple of photos of the show, again we had a wonderful day meeting new people and chating a lot.  But i am glad they are both over and I can play a little now and not worry about a show coming up.

I will be listing some of my bears on etsy in the next couple of days.  So if you seen something you love pop on over to here

now I have to clean my studio, look at the mess I have got my self into, this is from doing two shows two sundays in a row.
Have a beautiful Monday Lisa

Saturday, September 24, 2011

New look blog and my pink pug Dog

Hello all, I have been working on this new look blog with the wonderful Amy from here Amy Bug I love it so much.  She does amazing work for me.  thanks so much Amy.  I have added a couple of photos of my pink pug dog that will be at the show tomorrow, waiting for a new home. Hope you all love the new look to my blog

I am off to the Ipswich Doll and Teddy bear show tomorrow starts at 9.00am till 3.00pm it's at the Ipswich Civic Centre Cnr.Limestone & Nicholas Sts.  It should be a really good day.  Hope to see you there.

have a beautiful weekend Lisa

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Brisbane Teddy Bear Fair

Here are two of the little guys I took to the Bear show.

the fair has been and we had a really good day, chating and having fun together.  I thought I would share some photos with you all.  My little french bunny found a New home! I shared a table with Julie again and it's lots of fun together. The show was very quiet and not a lot of people, but Julie and I still had a lovely day.

Still one more show to go this sunday! Then I can take a break.  I really need to my body is telling me to.  I am having a bad day today health wise I think it is all stress, and I have just picked up a cold! Just what I need right now.

Have a beautiful day Lisa

Thursday, September 15, 2011

studio work

this little guy was found laying down and he just looked so cute!

Hello all, Well I should be working on cleaning up my new studio I am now working overtime to get these little guys ready for the Teddy Bear Fair on Sunday here in Brisbane.  I don't have anymore studio photos at the moments but a couple of new photos of my pug dog and french bunny, I hope you enjoy.

have a beautiful day Lisa

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More studio photos

This is the place I take all my photos of my annies and bears

the above photo is as you walk in the door.

Well I have spent the morning cleaning and putting things away, so I took a couple more photos for you to look at, I am heading out to have lunch with my daughter and then back to work on the studio so I might have a couple more photos this afternoon for you.

have a beautiful afternoon Lisa

Sunday, September 11, 2011

new studio and my vintage pink ellie

I have been so busy working all weekend on moving around rooms, My oldest child has just moved out of home for the first time she is 19 now, so we spent the weekend moving her into her new place, many tears happened over the weekend, but she is happy and she is not far from us, so my two boys who have alway shared a room quickly decided they wanted there own rooms and I still have a room left.

 So it has become my new work studio, I am still in a huge mess and I have far to much stuff! so I decided I need to have a clean out and sell all my craft stuff that I don't use.
  It will take me till christmas to sell it all, I have lots and lots.

I thought I would share a couple of photos of the room at the moment I still have a lot to unpack.

I will have more photos to share as the week goes on and I clean up!

Have a beautiful weekend Lisa

Thursday, September 08, 2011

little brown bear

Today I have been super busy working on my bears and elephants finishing them off for the show next sunday, this little brown bear started off the day looking unloved and ugly! but now she is looking just beautiful old and well loved! she is not finished yet I have the finishing touches to do and sew on her ears.

she is wearing a vintage red cross pin badge I bought a couple of months ago.  I will be working on little brown bears friend tomorrow a new annie doll I hope they look beautiful together as they will be sold together!  Have a beautiful Evening Lisa

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Pug Dog finished now onto the others.

Today is the first day of spring here in Australia, I love spring! it is perfect weather for working on dolls and bears. well more bears than dolls!
at the moment when I am not doing any thing you will find a bear in my hand, I have been working on this pug dog for a while and has been sitting waiting to be finished, I purchased the pattern from noble fabric I hand dyed the viscose myself to get the colour I wanted her face has been painted with Jo Sonja paint she is wearing a vintage piece of lace, you will find her at the brisbane teddy bear show.

My giraffe gigi is all finished and will be hard to part with.

this is the little rabbit I am working on today, she has to be stitched up nose and eyes done and ears stitched on. 
The elly in the photo below (Brown viscose) is one I was working on last night I love the pink colour, I hand dyed the seam binding ribbon around her neck and the flower on her head.
 ok enough playing on the computer back to work now.

I hope you all have a beautiful spring day Lisa