Tuesday, January 25, 2011

back to work

this is what I worked on over the chrismtas break!

I really love this one. Old tool box! I will have them for sale on my Inn Country website
 by the end of January.

Well the kids returned to school after summer christmas holidays this week, so I now have no excuse not to work so I have been working hard on a couple of new cloth doll designs depending on how hard I work to when I will have some photos hopefully this week.  January is almost over.  The rain has stopped and we have some wonderful weather! we still have some roads and bridges closed but things are returning to normal.

have a beautiful day Lisa

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

update on the flooding

 You can see the park here but yesterday all under water check out yesterdays photos

all this was under water yesterday! now there is just a lot of damage left behind trees downs and roads badly damaged.

this is the train bridge that the water was just under  yesterday!

this is the damage to the road

this is the park that was completely under water!

they have already started cleaning up and cutting down trees and fixing the power poles

Woke up today to no rain and the sun is shinning! And really hot.I went back to the same spot as yesterday and would you beleive all the water is gone.  We are safe here and will not flood but we could not beleive the amount of water not to far from us.  Both roads are still closed as there is a lot of damage and will take a while to fix I thought I would share some photos that I took today! thank you for all your wonderful comments but the worst has not hit the city yet and my husband will be working from home till Monday! happy happy I love having him around!

Have a beautiful day Lisa

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Flooding to close to home now

there are bridges somewhere ahead

this is another road I normally use every day which is under a lot of water! I have lived here for 7 years and it has never gone under before! I love the rain but I really wish it would stop now!

this is the road that I also use to get my son to school which is under a lot of water.

this is the road I normally use to drop my son to school it's under about 12 metres of water which is a lot

under this water is a park that the kids often went to and when we bike ride we also ride through the park!

Wow Queensland Australia has been flooding and now it's geting a little close to home!  these are a couple of photos taken this afternoon 2 streets from my house.  And they say it is only going to get worse! My husband will be working from home for the next couple of days he normally works in the city but we are cut off at the moment so it will be nice to see him for a couple of days. there are so many people that have been devestated by the floods My heart goes out to them all! For all those people who have lost everything including loved ones.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Back to work!

these guys are the only thing I worked on over the christmas break

Well it has been lovely to have some time of from working on my dolls but I thought today I should start work again for the new year. Christmas was wonderful but went to quick.  I feel like we have not had a summer yet as it has rained most of summer here in Queensland Australia the state that I live in seems to be flooding everywhere.  We only have 6 weeks of summer left I hope it will stop raining soon!  The kids go back to school in about 2 weeks for the start of 2011, My husband went back to work last week, so life is returning to normal and that means back to work for me to!  So this year I have been spring cleaning the studio before I get stuck into things I have another show coming up in march and I am sure that will go quickly.

have a beautiful day Lisa