Sunday, July 17, 2011

Update on my Needle felted bear

My new purchased highchair

I am hoping to find a vintage baby dress that will fit her!

this is a close up of my bear (With no Name) sitting on the highchair

here is my new purchase I bought from ebay.  It is just stunning

I thought I would update you all as to where I am at with my Needle felted bear.  She has a body now, and is looking fantastic she still does have her ears she should have them this afternoon

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Needle felting on a bear

I have needle felted the cheeks and nose and mouth!  it really was a lot of fun and looks amazing

So hopefully in the next week I will have the bear joined and stuffed I will post more photos as it comes together.

Yesterday I went to the gold coast with a couple of bear class ladys to do a Needle felting class on Needle felting on a bear.  We had a beautiful day.  We had to do a large bear and I don't do large bears and it took forever to get the bear done but I didn't get time to joint the bear but that was ok it was really easy to needle felt the head!  The weather was cold in the morning but warmed up beautifully as the day went on! The day went so quickly, we did a little shopping before the trip back to brisbane!

Have a beautiful day Lisa

Monday, July 11, 2011

Little Rag Doll Annie

I have just finished this little rag doll annie she will be sitting away the next bear show!  I am loving this new size, two down and a lot still to go.  School holidays are about to finish they are back to school tomorrow and it has been a wonderful winter break but I am looking forward to our normal routine.
Have a beautiful Monday Lisa

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

First Doll for 2011 - Little Golly

she is sitting with one of my whendis bears! she looks lovely sitting with her.

Wow that is really bad this is the first new doll completed for 2011 and it's now July, that's really bad!  I am happy with Little Golly, she is a lot smaller than normal and I have made her that way to sit with my bears, I have two show coming up in september so I have a lot of work to do, So i have already started!

Here she is sitting with A is for Annie!

Sunday, July 03, 2011

this is what I am working on - Little pug

I have been working on this little pug dog for about 3 or 4 weeks it has taken me so long because of the fact I had to paint his face and everytime I went to work on him I put it back down! But once I started with the paint on his face it was all ok and it worked so well I just have to do some touch up paint on the nose, finish his ears and stitch him up.  I am so in love with this little guy.
  I have used a pattern from Eileen Seifert
When she is all finished I will add photos.
Have a beautiful sunday Lisa