Thursday, May 26, 2011

What's in a name!

It seems that the days seem to get shorter or I have to much work to do! I have two website's and 2 blogs and I can never catch up with orders and posting on my blogs and keeping the websites updated! the last post i did on my olive grove blog was easter time! where did all that time go.  I have not made a doll for over 4 months and my dolls patterns well that's a joke they just sit on my desk and never get looked at, I have been working on some since before christmas!  I love making dolls and now my new passion bears.  Each wednesday I go to bear class, it's better than theropy.

there are a wonderful bunch of lady's who love to sew we talk and share morning tea and a lot of fun is had!  I really treasure this time.

I think it is time to get serious about my work.  Other wise I am going to get nothing done.  I have wanted to combine my blogs and website for a long time but keep puting it off! First thing is a name everyone seems to have wonderful names!  I get stuck on this one!  I need help with this one.

that's how I came to the title of this post What's in a name.  So please help me, I am open to names or do I just keep my Olive Grove Primitives name! but then that really does no go with My Inn Country work which is french Country style!

I have so many things on the go and don't seem to get any finished!  My craft room is over run and over flowing with projects I think I have to much stuff or my craft studio is just to small.

Well thats it for me for today! No photos just a rant about life.  Have a beautiful day Lisa