Monday, October 25, 2010

Thank You

Welll the craft and quilt fair has finished! What an amazing week I have had I met so many wonderful ladies and got to meet some fellow bloggers. I received so many wonderful comments about my little stand I wanted to share some photos with you all

This is Molly Olive Annie she came to the show with me without a pattern or kit and she was the most popular one there and also sold! I will have some kits and pattern ready this week, so if you where after one pop ove the my website latter this week.

I also sold out of my cotton bobbins and vintage dress form I should have more in the coming weeks and a dress form will be on the website this week.
I had a lot of ladies ask for some kits so this week I will be working on some new kits for the website and I will also be updating the website this week with some new stock grubby tags, calico and I am waiting on some new doll hair I will let you all know when it arrives.

thats all for today unless I think of something else, I am off to work on all those orders I have.

Have a beautiful day Lisa


Jo in TAS said...

Sounds like a huge success! Well Done!!

BlackCrow said...

Fantastic looking display! Great to hear you did well!
I've a market coming up in December...the the house is full of do painted things everywhere, just the way I like it!

Whosies said...

looks wonderful! great job.....wished i could jump in the photo and see it in person.