Friday, October 07, 2016

New in the Studio

So back in June I decided to buy my first Blythe doll, after many months of research I decided to take the plunge and buy one, I was going to have her customized and then decided i would give it a go myself. I had such a wonderful time changing her and for my first attempt I am really happy

So i got to working on making her some new clothes, then decided i would start selling them. They are so cute and tiny. what fun i am having, now i just need to make some tiny friends to go with her.

You can find most of the dresses and bloomers in my etsy store, I have sold about 4 dresses already.

This vintage lace dress was one of my latest creations and has been sold and on it way to the US.

This gorgeous vintage lace hat I made to go on a Blythe doll and and currently working on a matching dress. 
here is the hat being modeled by my pink girl. She is still without a name.

A little matching set a summer dress and bloomers. currently in my etsy store.

I love the back of this dress i have used small eyelets and seam binding ribbon to lace it up like a corset 

3 tiny little dresses.

The dress on the mannequin was my very first go at making a dress.

sitting waiting to model new dresses for my etsy store.

I love this setting. 

lots of tiny dresses just hanging around.

I love the vintage style rose fabric on this tiny dress

another set pretty pink summer dress and matching bloomers.

such a sweet photo.

tiny Blythe doll socks and shoes.

Love this setting titled. "It's a vintage sewing day"

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Some of my past creations.

some of my past creations and the photo of me was taken in Paris this year.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

some of my work from 2016

Some of my work from this year. It's been a busy year and lots of teddy's and friend have been made.
I have had a trip overseas to Paris this year I have lots of photo;s to share in an up coming post

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Some new creations for 2016

This is my latest creation a vintage style pink piggy wearing a lovely handmade dress.

I started with the dress then worked on the little piggy.

I love working on these up turned trunk elephants, I love the eye lashes.

This is the first dress i created for 2016. I also handmade the hat she is wearing.

I have used some vintage style lace for the bottom of the lace dress.
A teacup elephant made from a vintage style cream viscose I have added some vintage lace to her body and a couple of vintage buttons.

You can see the detail a bit better on this photo.

Another elephant wearing one of my handmade dresses.

This elephant is looking very french in her cream and black dress.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Giving the Studio a fresh new look for 2016

I have been trying for so long to make some large changes in the studio but it always seemed to hard as i wanted to move large cabinets. being a new year I thought i would just dive right in and do it.

When i first moved into this bedroom it had built in wardrobes, I removed the doors and put shelving in but it seemed like a wasted space. So out came the shelving and in the cabinets went which gives me more room in the studio.

Here is a small collection of my vintage goodies

I love my Raggedy Old Annie dolls, well i love any dolls. That's how i started my craft life as a doll maker in 2002. I took till 2008 to start making teddy bears and i found my passion.

A basket full of vintage lace.

Lots of little treasures.

My beautiful Inn Country hand painted sign. I started my first shop in 2007 and it was called Inn Country. I asked a really wonderful person to paint the sign for me. Natasha Burns. Since i closed the last shop in 2013 the sign has hung in the studio. I wonderful memory to keep from the shop.

I still have a lot of work to do in the studio. I wanted to share where i started with the changes.