Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New listing on etsy

I have spent the morning listing some viscose in my etsy store along with some of my e-patterns.

I will be doing some more listing this afternoon.

grey viscose.

Pink hand dyed viscose.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Back to work on some new little bears and friends

After taking a couple of weeks off after the show.

I thought it was time to get back to work on making some new bears and friends.
I am working on this tiny panda bear at the moment. I love the brown and cream viscose i am using.
I think she is going to turn out very sweet and is looking like a girl at this stage.

I am also working on a tiny red cross bear that will have a vintage red cross pin badge.
a tiny pink girl that i am stitching lace to her body. I have not started on the lace yet, it looks good in my head just hope it will turn out just as good in real life!! 

I have so many ideas in my head of what i want to create next.
I really love to process from when a idea started to where it ends up. A new creation.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Photo's from Winter Wonderland Teddy bear show 2015

Here are some of the bears I did this year for Winter Wonderland Doll and Teddy bear show.

Starting to set up the table for the show.

Now the pretty things get to come out and it starts to look amazing.

A tiny giraffe she sits at 12cm tall - sold 

These two lovely one's didn't sell at the show and are in my etsy store for sale now.

This sweet vintage style bear sold first up in the morning. I love her vintage dolly dress 

Three friends sitting together.

This tiny elephant found a home after the show finished.

First day of the show, Every year I share a table with Julie of  Bears and Old lace. We always have a wonderful time together and do lots of talking.

Second day of the show. This photo was taken by the lovely Lisa of Megelles bears

A pair of vintage shoes that i could part with went to the show and sold.

I also took these vintage ladies Victorian boots, they also sold

This vintage dolly wardrobe sold before the show had started.

Vintage baby scales that i took to the show, they didn't sell so i decided they needed to stay with me in the studio.

Two little bunny friends didn't sell but are in my etsy store now for sale.

and this little elephant with an upturned trunk. she is also for sale in my etsy store.

a tiny little pink bear, she sold before the show started. she was such a sweet little thing.

A tiny elephant i love the colour viscose lace and  ribbon

I love this little elephant, I love the watermelon pink colour (I hand dyed it myself)

A large and small elephant sitting together. This is the largest size elephant i have made. she is wearing a vintage dolly dress.

3 little elephants they all found homes but the little one in the middle. 
She is in my etsy store for sale now.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New bears for Winter Wonderland

New baby elephants for Winter Wonderland 2015.
Doll and teddy bear show at Windsor here in Brisbane, Australia.

This is them laying down, sweet as can be.

I will also have a couple of pigs for sale including this one above.

and a tiny bunny or two.

and lots lots more. I will have a couple of bears this time i normally only do critters.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Altered Art Dolls

Two weeks ago on a friday I decided i needed to do something for myself, I had a really bad week,so
I thought i needed time out to spend the day playing and making a little something for me, I love 
working on altered art and for many years i have loved the work of moss hill studio.
 I started out as a doll maker and have a love for old dolls.
I have been gathering all my beautiful laces and all things vintage to use.

I started playing around to get an idea of what i wanted to do, I wanted to use a vintage cotton bobbin as the base.
I started by adding lace to the head of the doll and also some tiny vintage flowers.

I played with many different designs this was one of them. The little crown on her head is made from a piece of lace them stitched together.

 I decided late in the afternoon that she,needed wings so i made some from rusty old wire and covered them with seam binding ribbon.
you can see in the below photo. 
I wrapped lace around the cotton bobbin, also used lace as her dress. 
she is almost finished but decided that i didn't like the no. tag around her neck I changed it for an Eiffel  tower charm.
as you can see I used my vintage hat in the background as my inspiration. The hat i made a couple of years back and you can often see it in my photo's.
I am really happy with the end result she will fit right into the studio.

Once in a while you have to stop to smell the roses, or stop and do something for yourself.
 I work everyday in my studio creating beautiful handmade bears and don't normally keep anything for myself, sometimes i find it really hard to let them go!

Monday, April 06, 2015

The making of a Bunny girl Bear

She started out as a simple bear I wanted to use this vintage style easter charm.

Then i thought she needed some bunny ears, I was so pleased with the way they turned out.

here she is the first fitting of her bunny ears and little charm. she is starting to look very sweet.

she's almost done just have to add her bear ears! she is such a sweet bunny bear.
she will be up for sale in my etsy store this week.

Happy Easter 2015.

Friday, April 03, 2015

Happy Easter

Hope you all have a beautiful Easter Holiday this weekend i will be playing with this bunny girl that i bought at a doll and bear show last month.