Sunday, January 10, 2016

The making of an old world Tattered Teddy Bear.

Meet Edith, She is an Old Style Teddy bear with a touch of Old World Charm.

I have been playing around with this one for a couple of weeks on and off.

She looked like this Friday morning.

Last night she was at this stage, I was playing around with some vintage lace collars.

I loved this one but it didn't quite hit the mark, I was looking for a little more old world charm.

This morning i changed her lace collar for a vintage wrap. She now looks perfect.

I just have to finish off her ears and she should be on etsy this afternoon.

Her name came to me this morning once i had changed her collar for the wrap. I also added a vintage charm of a little girl.

I really love her deep Chocolate Colour

I really do love making these Teddy bears and other creations.


Scott Jamison said...

I presume the making of the bear itself was covered in a previous post? Accessorizing like that does make for a pretty object, but it doesn't look like it would stand up to one of my nieces for very long.

Olive Grove Primitives said...

Thank you for the comment, My teddy bears are not designed for children or to be played with they are collectors items and to be loved from afar. I had covered the teddy bear in another post it was just about the final touches to finish her off.

Olive Grove Primitives

Kellyl L McKenzie said...

OH how fun! I love how she acquired her name. Do you name all your bears? I am delighted to meet you - visiting via Inspired Blogging. I look forward to meeting you and the rest of your bear family,

Kelly L McKenzie said...

Ha! It's Kelly, not the Kellyl I so charmingly included above^