Sunday, January 03, 2016

Busy Busy Busy

Well Christmas has been and gone and New Year's Eve, It seems like it was only yesterday that i put the Christmas tree up, We had a wonderful New Year's Eve in the city watching the fireworks, first time i have seen it in Brisbane and i have lived in Brisbane for 23 years.

This was Christmas Eve, all presents wrapped! We had a lovely Christmas with family then off to more family on boxing day.

I finished all my orders the week before Christmas so i could work on my daughters Christmas presents see below photo. Gorgeous elephant

I totally fell in love with little elephant Her name is Paris, which is my daughters name.
I also made her a fabric sewing book and pin keep and also a pin cushion. she loved them all.

I updated my French bunny pattern, over the holidays, no changes to the pattern, I just gave her a vintage look and took her hat off. I love her new look.

I also working on another vintage style fabric sewing book, it is on etsy now for sale.

I am updating another one of my patterns at the moment. My tiny elephant photo's to come soon.

I hope you all had a beautiful holiday with family and friend and a wonderful New Years Eve.

wow it is 2016. Time flies when your having fun.


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