Monday, October 10, 2011

getting organised

I have spent the last couple of weeks working on my studio, and 3rd time I think i have it done, still a small amount to do, I have also found so many things I thought I had lost.  So it pays to clean. I have many plans this week to get things completed. I have also done some more studio photos and this time nothing will more and my son and husband are thankful for that they are sick of moving furniture in and out of the house! I feel this is going to be a large post today.
 I hope you don't mind. I had such a bad week with headaches and a migraine! I hope this week will be a lot better and I hope I will get some more work done.

One of my dress forms which is holding some baskets and a baby dress
this is the sewing table on the left, I have some old wares and flowers
here is a small amount of my lace! I love the way it is displayed this is also the right hand side of my sewing desk

I love the way these shoes look lined up together I have many more pair's, but I use these often for photos

right hand corner of my desk

last wednesday I did another felting class to do the feet on my very large pink bear. I just have the right hand foot to finish. click on the photo to see the detail.

here you can see the feet they will look fantastic when she is finished the left has been done I still have to shade the botton of the foot and the right hand side I will try to needle felt this week. wow my list just keeps getting longer and longer of things to do.

here is my something lost last time I seen this little rocking horse was about 2 years ago I thought I must have thrown it out.

this hobby horse just needs to be finished I will add that to my long list

this little elephant is laying around waiting for his ears to be put on
i love this little bed he is resting on
heres another elephant that I am hoping to complete sometime this week

This is my beautiful french cabinet that I have had stored in the shed so I am so happy to have it in the house
this cabinet I used to have at my shop and when I closed the shop I could not part with it.
this is my find of the week. Last week when i was at bear class when we had a lunch break we went to the second hand spot and this is what I found. What  a find! I think it was just waiting for me.

have a beautiful Monday Lisa
I am off to finish the house work! before I can play


Joolz said...

Oh my goodness it all looks so lovely! I'll have to take some lessons from you!

Olga Zharkova said...

What a wonderful studio! Each photo can be admired for a long time! All things with history, I love these finds. I wish you health and creative success!
Yours sincerely, Olga.

Olga Zharkova said...


What a wonderful job! Each photo can be admired for a long time! All things with history, I love these finds. I wish you health and creative success!
Yours sincerely,Olga.