Thursday, September 15, 2011

studio work

this little guy was found laying down and he just looked so cute!

Hello all, Well I should be working on cleaning up my new studio I am now working overtime to get these little guys ready for the Teddy Bear Fair on Sunday here in Brisbane.  I don't have anymore studio photos at the moments but a couple of new photos of my pug dog and french bunny, I hope you enjoy.

have a beautiful day Lisa

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Anonymous said...

hehehehe...having a little rest he beautiful pink Eliie...Lilly..somehow jumped off the bookcase and ended up on the chair below!!! I don't know how that she is locked in the glass case...i don't think she minds...she looks pretty cute there! Can't wait to see your newest creations...the show on Sunday is going to be great...where and what time is it?
Kiss Noises Linda