Wednesday, January 12, 2011

update on the flooding

 You can see the park here but yesterday all under water check out yesterdays photos

all this was under water yesterday! now there is just a lot of damage left behind trees downs and roads badly damaged.

this is the train bridge that the water was just under  yesterday!

this is the damage to the road

this is the park that was completely under water!

they have already started cleaning up and cutting down trees and fixing the power poles

Woke up today to no rain and the sun is shinning! And really hot.I went back to the same spot as yesterday and would you beleive all the water is gone.  We are safe here and will not flood but we could not beleive the amount of water not to far from us.  Both roads are still closed as there is a lot of damage and will take a while to fix I thought I would share some photos that I took today! thank you for all your wonderful comments but the worst has not hit the city yet and my husband will be working from home till Monday! happy happy I love having him around!

Have a beautiful day Lisa


Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

I am glad the water has receded for you, how scarey. I pray for all of the flooded residents.

Jo in TAS said...

Council's are going to be hit hard with the road repairs. I'm so glad you're safe

BlackCrow said...

Hi glad to hear you are safe too..I was putting your doll onto a shelf the other day and it just hit me that you live in Brisbane!
Very scary, it must be awful to see the damage the water has left it's bad seeing it on the news but to be actually there, just devastating. keep safe..hope all your family and friends are ok.