Monday, August 03, 2015

Playing around with some vintage lace

Saturday I started on a new project not knowing what to create but knowing i wanted to use some vintage lace and buttons.

I had no intentions of making a bear or elephant of any kind. she just happened and she is the smallest one to date that I have made she sits at 10 cm 4".

I really love the vintage lace sewn to her body and the buttons and a little cream bow.

So on Sunday i started the day again wanting to create something other than a "bear".

I ended up making a needle book. I have made them before but not since the craft and quilting fair last year.

It started like this.

Front Cover.
I still have a little more work to finish it off.
The fabric i have used on the front is the map of Paris. I really love using this fabric.
It is a gorgeous vintage looking pink colour

There is lots of room to store your vintage lace ribbon buttons pins and needles.
it has 3 pockets.

you can remove the fabric tag needle holder.

This is what it looks like under the fabric tag on the needle book.

I have added lots of mother of pearl button some vintage and a couple new.

I think i will be making some more of these this week to add to my etsy store.

Hope you all have a productive weekend.

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