Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Altered Art Dolls

Two weeks ago on a friday I decided i needed to do something for myself, I had a really bad week,so
I thought i needed time out to spend the day playing and making a little something for me, I love 
working on altered art and for many years i have loved the work of moss hill studio.
 I started out as a doll maker and have a love for old dolls.
I have been gathering all my beautiful laces and all things vintage to use.

I started playing around to get an idea of what i wanted to do, I wanted to use a vintage cotton bobbin as the base.
I started by adding lace to the head of the doll and also some tiny vintage flowers.

I played with many different designs this was one of them. The little crown on her head is made from a piece of lace them stitched together.

 I decided late in the afternoon that she,needed wings so i made some from rusty old wire and covered them with seam binding ribbon.
you can see in the below photo. 
I wrapped lace around the cotton bobbin, also used lace as her dress. 
she is almost finished but decided that i didn't like the no. tag around her neck I changed it for an Eiffel  tower charm.
as you can see I used my vintage hat in the background as my inspiration. The hat i made a couple of years back and you can often see it in my photo's.
I am really happy with the end result she will fit right into the studio.

Once in a while you have to stop to smell the roses, or stop and do something for yourself.
 I work everyday in my studio creating beautiful handmade bears and don't normally keep anything for myself, sometimes i find it really hard to let them go!


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