Friday, October 31, 2014

elephant love

Here is just a small selection of my past work (elephant) the two top photo's I love.
I made the little dress and bloomers on the above elephant and hand painted the primitive sheep on the dress.

This one is wearing a vintage bonnet

 I love the little new boy cap i made for this guy and his ribbon tie.

I sold this sweet little elephant with the bike.

I hand dyed this colour viscose - watermelon pink.

This little elephant is wearing a vintage red cross badge and another little hand made new boy cap made by me.

I love all the different colours! This one is a pattern on have in my etsy store

This sweet teacup elephant is also a pattern.

I think i love using pink, all my pink viscose is hand dyed by me

I love this grey elephant wearing a handmade lace hat.

This elephant is wearing a summer dress

Cirrus elephant.

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