Saturday, March 24, 2012

Meet Parker

I have just finished this little grungy bear called parker. she wheres a vintage button with the words
 j parker wooloongabba which is here in brisbane Australia where I live. she has been sitting on my desk since before christmas unfinished and she was wearing different trims than what she does now. today was the day that she wanted to be finished.
 I have found it really hard to get a good photo of her. here is the link to Parker on etsy
Visit Parker here on etsy

Here ears are stitched down lower than normal. she is very grungy
she wears a pink ribbon on her head
she has been made using viscose vintage style mat boot button eyes
she sits at 16cm tall 6.5"
she will be listed on etsy this afternoon.

have a beautiful weekend


Isabel Cristina Viana Ramalho said...

It's so beautiful! Congratulations for this creation, friend!
Kisses...and a happy weekend!

Paula Alice said...

Parker is just beautiful!