Thursday, March 03, 2011

Working Hard

this old girl does not have a name yet she is only half done but I loved the way she is coming together and could not wait to show you all.

I really love this pattern for little elly which is what I have named her.  If you would like to buy the pattern you can pop over to esty to the wonderful Rosemary! she is the pattern designer click here to go to esty!

I go to bear classes with rosemary and some other lovely ladies and I could not wait to start on this pattern.
My bear classes are the highlight of my week.

Well I have been working hard but not on my dolls! which is what I should be doing.  I thought I would share some new little friends I have been working on.

Have a beautiful day Lisa

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Jo in TAS said...

I love your Elly and I think Rosemary's Bun Bun Bunny pattern will have to go on my to do list now for Easter