Saturday, September 11, 2010

Some exciting News and some new Annies

This is Button Annie made from a stars & Stripes pattern.

Well I have a wonderful opportunity to be at the Craft and quilt show here in Brisbane to have a stall! Wow!
I am very excited and very nervous at the same time.
I will have to work my fingers to the bone to get everything ready in time.
I have been working from morning till night for the last week and I only have 6 weeks to go.
It's here in Brisbane on the 20th -24th October at the convention centre. It's a huge craft show.
 I am hoping to get out there and grow my business! I thought about going back to full time work now that my son has returned to full time school but that's not what I really want so I thought I would continue on with Olive grove Primitives and try and grow my business.

I opened my very own business a couple of years back and I had a shop to but closed it 12 months after opening it to home school and care for my son full time. we found out last May he has aspergers syndrome and was not coping for normal school so with a lot of help from his doctor (weekly visits) we also found a wonderful school who has a program for kids with autism/Aspergers he has returned to full time school in the last couple of weeks before that he only went part time! He is doing wonderfully!

this is gum nut Annie. She is dressed a little differently! from the pattern
I will be making kits up for my Annie's and had to get some new fabric for the kit as i could not get the original fabric I used! But I am happy with this to.

So now I have the time to work on my business and with the support of my wonderful family and husband I have 6 weeks of hard work in front of me to get everything done!

these are the Annie's I have working on this week.  all stock will be available for the opening of the craft fair! So if you live in Brisbane you should check it out. 

this is popcorn Annie

I will try and keep you up to date with everything for the show!

 have a beautiful Evening Lisa

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Jo in TAS said...

Oh Lisa I hope the show is a huge success for you and your boy finds the new school is perfect for him!
Best of Luck