Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Blocks - Annies

"Old Toys" which are with some of my old toys
"Vintage Blocks" still working on more! for the website

These are the blocks I finished up today to use in taking photos and I think they look great.  I also have an update on a name I was wanting for one of my Annies.  I got this beautiful email from Karin this is her email and I love the name so much it fits perfectly mind you I loved them all.  thanks to all the people who left messages of names! You are all wonderful people.

How about Belle-Beau?
That means Pretty-Pretty!
Our dog is named Belle-Beau, it's a Swiss mountain dog, she is become recently 12 years, thats very old for a big dog, at the moment she is not doing very well.
Greetings, Karin.
thanks so much Karin for such a beautiful name.
Have a beautiful sunday all Lisa

1 comment:

Pam said...

Love all your new blocks Lisa. They're gorgeous. The ones I was going to use for TCCT last month, and then decided not to, are still sitting on my work table unfinished! :) Yours look so much nicer than mine. Your graphics are beautiful. I found it hard to find any of the alphabet in my searches. Ended up with only the two lots I found. x