Friday, March 19, 2010

A Love for Pin Cushions

This pin cushion was really hard to take photos of

I have this thing for pin cushions maybe its because I sew everyday! And I alway need somewhere to put those pins.
So this morning I made this pin cushion, and I love it so much, I am going to make some more I just thought I would show you mine first.

Have a beautiful day! Lisa


Pieced Pastimes said...

Your pin cushion is just wonderful! I too have a fixation with them and just can't have enough.

ButtonBears&Raggedies said...

Your pin cushion is really pretty.
I love your work.

Pam said...

That pinkeep is just gorgeous Lisa!! I have a thing for them too, but have never made one that beautiful. Think I'll have to lift my game a bit!! lol. x